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Empower USA & CANADA

Empower USA

Empower Technologies, Inc., a Washington State registered company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empower Technologies Corporation.

Patents Holder

Invention Patent – Handwriting Recognition

– Method for processing handwritten character strokes entered into a computer system.

– US Patent #: 7,280,695 B2

– Filed: May 31, 2002.

– Granted: October 9, 2007.

Design Patent – Vehicle Dock for Smart Devices

– Vehicle Expansion Dock For Smart Devices

– US Patent #: US D586348 S

Proprietary Imaging Technologies


Empower’s proprietary real time Image Signal Correction (ISC) technologyis comprised of a fine-tuned high power single board computer, Empower’s proprietary LEOs (Linux Embedded Operating System) and high performance image processing software. The proprietary high performance image processing software provides real-time dehazing, deblurring, dewarping, denoising, color and contrast enhancement functions utilizing the powerful Empower embedded computing hardware. The technology is suitable for cameras deployed indoors or outdoors in harsh environments under any lighting condition. Empower’s proprietary real time Image Signal Correction Technology reduces any fogged up image due to fog, smog, smoke, dust, rain, snow or heat waves to clarify any images enabling the monitor of the live situation to see clearly and thus make a better decision. The sales and marketing initiative is targeted at major defense contractors, imaging equipment manufacturers, automotive companies, government agencies, first responder, homeland security, military, security and surveillance companies.


Empower’s Image Motion Stabilization (IMS) Technology uses Empower’s latest embedded processing technology and video stabilization algorithm to create a state of the art real time video motion stabilizer. There are many stabilizers in the market that can remove shaky or translational movement. However, the image is still blurry due to uncontrolled camera motions such as shaking and rolling (rotational) movements resulting from strong winds and vibration. IMS has a built-in software algorithm and a powerful embedded computing device to remove any shaking (translational) and rolling (rotational) motions. These motions are the most common problem for cameras mounted in manned/unmanned military, security, and civilian aerial, ground, or marine vehicles. Also affected are outdoor security/surveillance cameras mounted on poles or fixtures attached to a structure to monitor roads, bridges, rail tracks, building/site perimeter (e.g. hospital, reservoir, chemical plant, power station, or nuclear plant).

The need for image motion stabilization is essential to eliminate the effects of undesired camera motions so operators or analytics software can see a stable image of the live or captured video to take appropriate action.

Empower CANADA

Empower Technologies (Canada) Inc., a  Canadian registered corporation, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empower Technologies, Inc. (EMPOWER USA).

Empower Embedded Engineering, Technologies and Manufacturing Services Proving to be an important service in reducing the time-to-market.

Empower Technologies provides its customers with complete engineering and system development services. This allows manufacturers to avoid the costly, time-consuming product development process, concentrating their resources where they are most needed.

OEM and ODM Services

Products offered by Empower Technologies are also available for customers interested to OEM (ie private label, white box) or to ODM (create a custom version of an Empower product).

Turnkey Product Development Service

Empower’s is available for customers that require turnkey product development. Empower can work from concept, to design, to develop hardware and software, to engineering, and to manufacture. Fully product cycle from concept to delivery all under one roof. Industrial and mechanical design and tooling are also available.

Contract Manufacturing Service

With over twenty years of full turnkey manufacturing experience from Empower’s senior executives, Empower has successfully managed production in a reliable, IP safe and quality assured environment. By offering the contract manufacturing service, Empower can offer customers a reliable, safe, and well managed manufacturing service. It enables customers to focus on sales and marketing of their products and on product innovation against their competition.

Empower contract manufacturing service is available for customers to prototype new products or to manufacture products on customer specification.

Engineering and Consulting Service

Empower provides its customers with engineering and system development consultation services, including maintenance, support, and production for embedded operating systems, software, hardware, and custom developments. These services can include:

  • Product design, including industrial and mechanical design and tooling
  • Hardware design (electronic/electrical/mechanical)
  • Operating system support
  • Software support, including application development upon request
  • Digital signal processor (DSP) support
  • Field programmable gate array (FPGA) and complex programmable logic device (CPLD) support
  • Development tools
  • Product development and production (Original equipment or device manufacturer – OEM/ODM)

System Integration Service

Empower has the expertise and the experience to combine processes and procedures from systems engineering, systems management, and product development for the purpose of developing small to large complex systems that involve hardware and software. The system integration projects may be based on Empower products/technologies/solutions, existing or legacy systems coupled with totally new requirements to add significant functionality and/or capability.

As system integrator, Empower can help you design, build, install and service new systems to deliver integrated solutions in your industries and applications. We are proven, trusted, and established organizations that offer extensive experience in the design, implementation, project management and maintenance of your process and system. From initial design and consultation through system development, commissioning and support, Empower provides you with innovative embedded system technologies and solutions to keep you ahead of competition at a cost you can afford. We pride ourselves to be able to complete every project on time and on budget without any compromise to the quality and reliability of the system we deliver to customer.


Our engagement can be by hour or by project. Please contact Empower Canada for details.